Cruisin 4 Hope

Poker Run Registration is from 8am - 12pm

Poker Run Card Turn-In's are from 1pm - 3:30pm
Poker Run Cards must be turned in no later than 3:30pm to be eligible for prizes.
All tickets are available at and at the door. 

Official Rules for Cruisin 4 Hope Charity Poker Run :


A poker run is a solo or group ride where the riders receive playing cards by making predetermined stops during the ride to make a poker hand.  All participants must be 21 years of age or older, ID will be verified at registration tables.  All participants must have a Valid Drivers License with Motorcycle endorsement (for those operating motorcycles during event), and  must sign an affidavit to that effect before beginning the ride..  Non motorcycle riders can participate as well, and will receive the cards for their hand(s) at the start/end location of the ride.

    Poker hands consist of five cards and a sixth (extra) card can be purchased for 5$per hand  to give an extra chance at the best possible hand.  The extra card has to be purchased prior to the rest of the hand being opened.  The rankings and examples of poker hands are listed below. Any person who happens to draw 2 identical cards in any one hand will draw another card at the time of turn in.  No duplicate cards will be allowed in any hand.  Duplicate cards cannot be exchanged for a card in another hand. 
 Each hand will be logged one at a time before any other hands are opened.  Additional hands (for riders and non-riders) can also be purchased anytime up to the cutoff for turning in your cards at a cost of $10.00 per hand or 4 for $30.00 (2:30 PM).  Maximum of 5 hands per person may be purchased, Those who preregister and prepay their entry fees by 11:59 pm 6/13/2012 will receive a bonus hand in addition to any purchased hands.  Those Purchase the additional hands at the registration & turn in tables.  For those bikes carrying 2 persons only 1 person will collect cards during the poker run unless the 2nd person purchases hands separately.

On the day of the poker ride you will check in or sign-up at the registration table.  If you pre-entered you will check-in and receive your first card, wristband and t-shirt.  You will receive one card for each hand you purchased. (ie - if you purchased 4 extra hands and you pre-entered on or before 6/13, you will receive a total of 6 cards at registration, one for the “buy-in”, one for early entry, and four for each of the additional hands).  Each card is received in a sealed envelope that MUST REMAIN SEALED until they are turned in at the end of the ride.  These cards and envelopes will be marked #1.  If you did not pre-enter you will complete the entry form, insurance affidavit form, & hold harmless waiver and pay for your “buy-in” and any additional hands.  You will receive cards, wristband and t-shirt like the example above. 

For the group ride there will be a designated lead rider and drag rider. If you choose to join the group ride you may not pass the lead rider or fall behind the drag rider. The group ride will leave at 10:00 AM.  If you prefer not to ride with the group the trail will be marked and maps will be available to follow to the card stops.  There will be four card stops along the trail.  You will receive a card for each hand you purchased at each of the stops. Per the example above the rider would receive 6 cards at each stop, with the cards from each stop being marked with that stop number (ie- #2, #3, #4, #5).  Again, all cards will be in sealed envelopes that must remain sealed until turned in.

Once you return from the ride you will turn in your poker hand(s) at the Turn in tables located at the final stop, where the hand(s) will be opened.  Each hand turned in will have one of each numbered card (#1, #2, etc).  If you wish to purchase a sixth card, and have not already done it, for any or all of your hands it must be done prior to the opening of the hand.  The person at the registration table will open the cards and mark each one down to determine your final poker hand.

For non-riders the hands will be purchased and received at the registration/turn in tables.  All five or six cards will be received and opened at that time and marked down to determine the final poker hand.

Kiss MINI GOLF-Registration AND KICKOFF 8am-noon

4503 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169 (702) 558-6256

(Across from the Hard Rock Hotel, next to Rumor)

2750 East Craig Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89030? - (702) 399-3425?

O School Choppers

5725 S Valley View Blvd # 5  Las Vegas, NV 89118 - (702) 837-5287

Mr D's Sports Bar and Grill

1810 South Rainbow Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89146? - (702) 362-8777

– GOLDSPIKE - Card turn in 1pm to 345pm

217 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101 (702) 384-8444

**BEGIN**   Kiss Mini Golf

4503 Paradise Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89169 (702) 558-6256

1.Register and pay for Charity Poker Run

2.Eat Free Donuts & Coffee and Stuff

3.Exit Parking lot Turn right onto Paradise Rd About 1 min go 0.5 mitotal 0.5 mi

4.Turn right onto E Tropicana Ave About 2 mins go 1.2 mitotal 1.8 mi

5.Turn right onto S Las Vegas Blvd About 7 mins go 2.4 mi total 4.2 mi

6.Turn right toward S Las Vegas Blvd go 344 ft total 4.2 mi

7.Take the 2nd left toward S Las Vegas Blvd go 108 ft total 4.2 mi

8.Turn left toward S Las Vegas Blvd go 203 ft total 4.3 mi               

9.Take the 1st right toward S Las Vegas Blvd go 135 ft total 4.3 mi

10.Turn right onto S Las Vegas Blvd About 14 mins go 4.4 mi total 8.7 mi

11.Keep right at the fork About 6 mins go 2.6 mi total 11.2 mi     

12.Turn left onto N Pecos Rd About 6 mins go 1.8 mi total 13.0 mi

13.Turn left onto E Craig Rd Destination will be on the right About 2 mins go 0.8 mitotal 13.9 mi Total: 13.9 mi – about 39 mins

Arrive - Whiskey Dick's

2750 East Craig Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89030? - (702) 399-3425


14.Head west on E Craig Rd About 13 mins go 6.7 mi total 6.7 mi                

15.Turn right onto N Rancho Dr About 2 mins go 0.7 mi total 7.4 mi           

16.Turn left onto W Lone Mountain Rd About 6 mins go 2.2 mi total 9.6 mi           

17.Turn left onto N Durango Dr About 5 mins go 2.0 mi total 11.6 mi        

18.Turn right onto W Cheyenne Ave About 7 mins go 2.7 mi total 14.3 mi              

19.Continue onto Cliff Shadows Pkwy go 0.1 mi total 14.4 mi       

20.Turn left to merge onto Bruce Woodbury Beltway S/Clark County 215 S About 5 mins go 4.1 mi total 18.5 mi

21.Take exit 26 for Charleston Blvd/NV-159 About 1 min go 0.4 mi total 18.9 mi  

22.Turn right onto NV-159 W/W Charleston Blvd Continue to follow NV-159 W About 23 mins go 15.8 mi

total 34.7 mi

23.Turn left onto NV-160 E/Blue Diamond About 14 mins go 8.8 mi total 43.5 mi 

24.Turn left onto S Decatur Blvd About 4 mins go 1.7 mi total 45.2 mi       

25.Turn right onto W Warm Springs Rd About 2 mins go 1.0 mi total 46.1 mi          

26.Turn left onto S Valley View Blvd Destination will be on the left About 4 mins go 2.0 mi total 48.1 mi

Total: 48.1 mi – about 1 hour 27 mins

ARRIVE  -  O School Choppers

5725 S Valley View Blvd # 5  Las Vegas, NV 89118 - (702) 837-5287

27.Head north on S Valley View Blvd toward W Russell Rd go 174 ft  total 174 ft

28. Take the 1st left onto W Russell Rd About 8 mins go 3.0 mi total 3.0 mi            

29.Turn right onto S Rainbow Blvd Destination will be on the right  About 11 mins go 4.6 mi total 7.6 mi

Total: 7.6 mi – about 19 mins


ARRIVE - Mr D's Sports Bar and Grill

1810 South Rainbow Boulevard, Las Vegas, NV 89146? - (702) 362-8777


30.Head north on S Rainbow Blvd toward W Oakey Blvd About 1 min go 0.5 mi total 0.5 mi           

31. Turn right onto W Charleston Blvd About 10 mins go 4.8 mi total 5.3 mi           

32. Turn left onto S Grand Central Pkwy About 3 mins go 0.6 mi total 5.9 mi         

33.Turn right onto W Bonneville Ave About 1 min go 0.3 mi total 6.2 mi  

34.Turn left onto S Main St About 2 mins go 0.5 mi total 6.7 mi   

35.Turn right onto E Ogden Ave About 1 min go 0.3 mi total 7.0 mi            

36.Turn left onto N 4th St go 269 ft total 7.1 mi  

37.Turn right Destination will be on the right go 289 ft  total 7.1 mi

Total: 7.1 mi – about 19 mins



217 Las Vegas Blvd N, Las Vegas, NV 89101


Review of Charity Poker Run donation fees.

1 Bike 1 Rider                        Entry Fee $30

1 Bike 2 Riders                       Entry Fee $40 (Poker hand for each)

1st hand                                   Included in entry fee

1 extra hand                            $10.00

4 Extra hands                          $30.00

Bonus Hand                            Free with pre-purchase of

                                                Entry fee on or before 6/13/12.

Extra Card (6th card)               $5 per card per hand

Poker Hand Rankings

Beer Pong Tournament rules can be found here.
Beer Pong Tournament Registration is from 2pm - 4pm. 

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